How does counselling work?

Psychotherapy is a specialist talking treatment which helps people to explore their feelings in order to understand and work through emotional difficulties.

Psychotherapy takes the approach that early experiences are important in shaping the way the mind works but a large part of our mind operates outside of our consciousness. For psychotherapy to be most effective it is helpful if the individual has some ability to consider the ways in which their own actions and behaviours may be contributing to the difficulties they find themselves in.

From an early age, we find ways of managing our experiences and this influences how we cope in later life. With the therapist's help we can gradually come to understand these experiences and make sense of how we have dealt with them. Clients learn useful techniques and tools to manage their current day to day difficulties in order to function more productively and to make better informed decision in relation to life, work and relationships with others. This leads to the process of change.

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